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Virtuosic World music duo known for their energetic and emotional performances

Almir Meskovic and Daniel Lazar duo are highly skilled musicians known for their virtuosic performances that capture the emotions of their listeners. Influenced by folk traditions, they incorporate various elements into their music, creating a unique experience. Their energetic live shows are a feast for the senses, with an impressive ability to improvise and connect with the audience.

Almir and Daniel have collaborated with well-established artists and institutions such as KORK, the National Theater of Norway, Toumani Diabate, Daniel Herskedal, Silje Nergård, and Jelena Tomasevic. They have also performed at festivals such as Womex 2020 (digital edit.), Exit, Oslo World, Førdefestivalen, Mela etc.

If you love music that's virtuosic, energetic, playful and versatile, Almir Meskovic and Daniel Lazar duo are a must-see act, whose shows are a joyful celebration of creativity and camaraderie.

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Ciro de Rosa (Italian Blogfoolk Magazine) on performance at the Exit Festival

Performers of the evening, and of the entire festival, were the Bosnian Almir Mešković (accordion) and the Serbian Daniel Lazar (violin). Both resident in Norway, the two create a set that combines energy, technique and communication, draw on the heritage of their countries of origin such as Romania, but are also influenced by their classical training, contemporary improvisational languages and traditional Norwegian music. An amazing set of two artists that we would love to see playing in our area.

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Etnisk Musikklubb (EMCD), 2018 | 11 tracks, 45 minutes

The repertoire on the record is well-composed and very varied and the talented guest musicians help maintain the high quality. Meskovic and Lazar have simply made a very good album that hopefully makes even more people take an interest in the amazing traditional music that you can still meet in the Balkans - and fortunately also in Oslo, Norway.

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Arne Berg (NRK P2 Radio) about the concert in Belgrade

What really impresses me with Daniel Lazar and Almir Meskovic isn't how good musicians they are (they're damn good!), but the energy and emotions they put into what they do is outstanding. Belgrade was cheering last night, encore after encore.

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Sirba Tiganeasca

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Niska banja live at Womex 2020

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Rustem Official Video

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Negdje u daljini

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In Drum Spre Casa Official Video

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Evo srcu mom radosti

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